Making learning color fun for artists of all ages!

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Welcome to Flesh Master™


Re-inventing the wheel ... the Color Wheel that is!

For fine artists, makeup artists, special effects artists, or anyone wanting to learn more about mixing colors. Flesh Master™ was created to help train artists' eyes to recognize and identify tones of the flesh by simply identifying colors as being a mix of Yellow and Red, with the addition of Blue. This approach has helped artists identify a wide range of colors beyond the flesh!

Hi, I’m Rod Maxwell from Syfy Channel’s FACE OFF. Over the years I’ve realized how many makeup artists are in need of color theory to help them mix and match colors. At Cinema Makeup School, I've taught students how to mix almost any color from just three primary colors, plus white, allowing students to mix and modify basic foundations to match any skin tone, keeping their onset kits more compact. To make learning about color easy, I decided to create a mobile game that teaches color theory in a fun and intuitive way! Flesh Master™ also includes a reference guide on Color Theory that re-invents the "color" wheel!

Are you a Flesh Master? If you want to sharpen your eye to break down colors in a glance, download Flesh Master from the App Store today.

Fun and informative  ★★★★★

This app simplifies color theory so that even a novice can totally get it! This ought to help a lot of folks struggling with color mixing, and color matching. Great job!

I love it!  ★★★★★

This is absolutely perfect, I'm a make up effects artist and I never took formal classes about color theory or painting. So it was perfect for someone like me to actually make sense of what I do, it's simplified my color mixing immensely. A great fun game and a quick and easy to understand color grid (color wheel).

Invaluable tool!  ★★★★★

I am a painter, and can tell you the struggles I have had in the past with mixing the perfect light flesh tone. FleshMaster is an invaluable tool to help speed the process. The game is fun too!